We are doing things today for tomorrow



For us exhaust air purification is a necessary and important measure for the protection of the environment and we are committed to this
task. We keep on basing our philosophy on environment protection measures that do not follow a maxime of 'safety demands a price' but which are subject
to considerations about sound financial relations for the application needed.

Initially users do not benefit directly from air purification measures. In addition to that, those measures do not increase productivity. For this reason and
facing competition that is getting fiercer, air purification systems that take into account economical investments and operating costs are indispensable.

Our philosophy is based on measures that are always directly related to cost savings for operational expenditures and investments.
Safety, quality and availability of our units are for us basic requirements. We implement innovative ideas in order to ensure this.

Our customers profit from our customer-specific adaption of units in combination with the corresponding internal completion, project-planning and
coordination measures.